Democrats Must Postpone In-Person Voting Now

What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

When everyone who is infected with Corona Virus starts showing symptoms it is most likely going to hit a tipping point any day now. In every country, there is a period of 1–2 days where everything changes.

You may not like or trust Joe Rogan, but do your research on infectious disease expert Michael Osterholm. He is legit and will completely realign your worldview in 15 minutes
Election officials in Arizona

The Democratic Party must cancel in-person voting primary elections now

At this point shifting from voting at the polls to vote by mail (VBM) may be the only option as the effects of the pandemic are unknown and could continue for months if not years. The correct decision was made to cancel having an audience for the debates. With ticket prices for the debates going for $1,750, it is clear that the party is committed to protecting wealthier democrats, insiders, and apparatchiks. It is time they also take appropriate measures to protect poor and working people.

-push for a moratorium on evictions

-push banks to suspend mortgage payments

-city-wide quarantines except supermarkets and pharmacies.

-free testing for every citizen regardless of status or health insurance

-create a hotlines in every city for people to call with trained people collecting data, coordinating with hospitals and letting those who are symptomatic report and be directed to facilities

-push for services for elderly, homeless and ADA for food and medication

-mobilize national guard to have food rations available

The window to act is closing before our eyes. We may be passed the point where we can avoid the level of containment that Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore have achieved, but we may be able to avoid the worst of what is happening in Italy.

DNC Chair, Tom Perez



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