Democrats Must Postpone In-Person Voting Now

“While other countries waffled on acknowledging the danger of the outbreak, Taiwan took action immediately under the guidance of its National Health Command Center, which the country established after the deadly SARS outbreak in 2003 that killed 73 people there.”

You may not like or trust Joe Rogan, but do your research on infectious disease expert Michael Osterholm. He is legit and will completely realign your worldview in 15 minutes
Election officials in Arizona

The Democratic Party must cancel in-person voting primary elections now

Lack of Transparency: As with any voting system that is not fully transparent, proving mail-in fraud can be difficult or impossible.

Lack of Security: Ballots are stored in hundreds of thousands of locations with no security for two to three weeks.

Election Fraud: There is no way to be certain that the person who signed the envelope is the person to whom the ballot was sent. Ballots can be stolen from mailboxes while the voter is at work or away from home on an errand.

Potential for Ballot Mishandling:Post-office or contract mailing company illegally forwards ballots; more than one ballot sent to voters; postal workers put ballots in the trash. All of these thing have happened in Colorado)

-push for a moratorium on evictions

-push banks to suspend mortgage payments

-city-wide quarantines except supermarkets and pharmacies.

-free testing for every citizen regardless of status or health insurance

-create a hotlines in every city for people to call with trained people collecting data, coordinating with hospitals and letting those who are symptomatic report and be directed to facilities

-push for services for elderly, homeless and ADA for food and medication

-mobilize national guard to have food rations available

DNC Chair, Tom Perez



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