Every Single Bernie Sanders Wearing Mittens Meme

Nothing shocking

Bernie Road

Dark Side of the Bern

Lunch at Center for American Progress

American climate policy be like, “this is fine”

We are grateful for you Bernie

He goes out on the ledge for the working class

Mitch better have my money

Shannon Sharpe gets it

Just another day at the office

With a little help from my friends

2020 has been a wild ride

Warm mittens for Hot Ones

They really are the worst

You’re fired!



Four score and twenty-seven dollars ago

He’s watching out for you

God save the Bern

I hate to break it to you Tom, but Trump is a fascist

The Bern-dalorian

Bernie Sand Wars

Corporate Greedo

Beam me up Bernie!

What smells like shoe polish?

The Bern-dega

Up Schitt’s Creek

Hamilton tickets were on sale at Costco

Sorry kids, it’s not for me, I prefer Pete Seeger

What the hell are we all smiling about?

Working Man’s Bern

‘Janet! Dr. Scott! Janet! Brad! Bernie!’

Nobody buts Bernie in a corner

Bernie’s Gambit

Bernie getting schwifty

These clowns

Feel that Bern

You mess with the Bern, you get the horns

Bernie’s Avengers

Deadpool 3 is gonna be lit



These memes are neverending

Keep your friends close

Fuhgedda bout it

Baby wants mittens!

If the mittens don’t fit you must acquit!

I’ll have one with everything

Take the B-Train

That’s one small step for man…

One giant leap for Bern-kind

The struggle continues

Let’s paint a happy little Bernie

I’ll have the matzah

Always wear your mittens when crossing the Delaware

Fellowship of the Bern

Bernie of Winterfell

Bern of Thrones

We need Medicare for all

The inauguration we all really wanted

How to Create Vision, Strategies & Solidarity
for Sustainable Social Movements



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